Truly Care

May 17, 2017

Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool is such a wonderful place for young people to play, learn, and create. I love the nice big windows in the classrooms that let in natural sunlight, the lovely landscaped courtyard on the walk into the building, and the feeling of being in nature with big shade trees surrounding the mulched playground. But, of course, the best feature of the school is the people. The teachers are so warm and nurturing. I feel like they really truly care about my children. On the rare occasion that a child needs a little extra help with behavior, the director is kind and fair but firm. On a personal note, she also has a great sense of humor. And lastly, there’s a wonderful feeling of community amongst​ the families as parents get to know one another before and after drop-off. It will be a sad day when my youngest graduates from preschool. I might just keep having kids so that I can stay at BPCP a few more years!

– M.J., mother of two BPCP graduates, and one child in the 3-year-old program