The Full Day Program

  • The Full Day program is intentionally designed to provide children additional time to socialize, play, and for personalized learning through child-led learning, small class sizes, and low student-teacher ratios. Children eat a packed lunch, practicing self-help skills such as opening food containers and managing their time between socializing and eating. Additional outdoor play, both structured with games, relays, and discovery stations and unstructured play where children are encouraged to run, climb, swing, and play with friends is provided. The third feature of our Full Day program is a child-focused thematic enrichment class. You can think of this as a deeper dive into topics of interest to the children. Our teachers will meet the children where their interests lie and create opportunities for art, dramatic play, STEM, literacy, and social-emotional development. 

    Children participating in our Full Day program participate in both the traditional school morning of instruction and the afternoon activities described above. Our Full Day program is designed to provide for the preschool child ready for a longer school day and to meet the needs of families.

    Currently, we are opening Full Day enrollment to children in 5-day Jr. Kindergarten and 4-day Pre Kindergarten. 

    Class Offerings:

    • 5 days per week (Monday – Friday)