• Truly Care
      Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool is such a wonderful place for young people to play, learn, and create. I love the nice big windows in the classrooms that let in natural sunlight, the lovely landscaped courtyard on the walk into the building, and the feeling of being in nature with big [...]
    • Warm and Caring
      BPC Preschool is truly a hidden gem!  The teachers and staff are so kind, warm, and caring.  Both of my kids have loved their experiences here and talk so fondly about their fun memories. – S.F., mother of one BPCP graduate, and one child in the 4-year-old program
    • Gained the Confidence
      BPC Preschool is a home away from home — a place where our son has gained the confidence to laugh, love, and be challenged. It’s more than a preschool. We feel like we belong there. – T.H., graduate of the preschool, and mother of one child in the 3-year-old program
    • My Children Love Coming to School
      We were immediately drawn to the warm atmosphere of BPC Preschool from the first time we visited.  The teachers work hard to create an environment that sparks children’s curiosity for learning and exploring while modeling respect, caring, and kindness.  The communication between the preschool staff, parents, and teachers is wonderful! [...]
    • Sense of Community
      When my family moved to Burke a few years ago, we were so thankful to find BPC Preschool. My kids immediately felt right at home in the friendly and nurturing environment, and we felt an instant sense of community. The teachers really care about each child and take time to [...]
    • Sense of Family
      Choosing a preschool can be both exciting and terrifying. The minute I walked into Burke Presbyterian I felt like I had made the right choice. The director greeted both me and my daughter with a smile, introduced us to all the teachers, and let my children explore in the classrooms. [...]
    • Joyful
      “BPC Preschool is a joyful, nurturing place that instills a passion for curiosity and learning in children. I cannot imagine a better place for young minds to grow in preparing them for kindergarten, but that’s not the reason I chose to place my children here in this school. My two [...]
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