Pay Online

  • Introducing MyProcare Online Payment System for Preschool Parents    

  • Dear Parents,

    Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool is pleased to offer MyProcare, a free online portal to access Preschool account information and easily pay tuition and fees, including those for after school activities.  MyProcare is safe, secure, and created with your convenience in mind.  Through Tuition Express, MyProcare allows you to pay Preschool fees online via the convenience of your home computer or mobile app.



  • Directions

    Log in today to create your personal MyProcare account: 

    1. Go to
    2. Enter your email address (the e-mail you have on file with the preschool), and press SECURE LOGIN.
    3. A six-digit confirmation code will be sent to your email from Log on to your email to retrieve the code.
    4. Return to and enter your confirmation number, choose a password, and press SUBMIT.
    5. You will automatically be directed to your account, and you will see your family’s account balance on the screen.
    6. You may now use the green PAY button to make a payment with a debit or credit card. Please note there is a 3% online processing fee for all online payments. 
    7. To avoid the processing fee, parents are also able to pay by ACH auto draft from a checking account with no additional fee. To do this, please bring a voided check to the Preschool Office Manager. 
    8. Regardless of how you choose to pay, you can still use MyProcare to check your balance and print receipts and tax reports (click on REPORTS).
    9. You also can use MyProcare to update your contact information directly with our system.