• Students must turn Four by December 31, 2022.

    Four-year-olds are ready for more challenging activities and opportunities to exercise their emerging literacy skills in preparation for kindergarten.  Our teachers know that children this age learn best when the activities are meaningful and intentional.  They plan for an environment that engages the whole child and is informed by the interests of the students.

    Emerging literacy development is supported through a wide variety of opportunities for listening, talking, writing, and sharing stories. Fine motor skills are improved using pencils, scissors, small manipulatives, and a variety of art materials. We foster curiosity through a variety of senses, books, music, science experiments, comparing, sorting, categorizing, and beginning graphing.  Children learn beginning math skills through counting, creating sets, and identifying shapes.  Observing God’s world around them helps children learn to exercise their scientist eyes.

    We will continue to grow in our social skills by helping others and being part of a group. Kindergarten readiness is the emphasis.

    Class Offerings: