The Older 2-Year-Old Program

  • Children in this program must turn Three by December 31, 2020

    Finding a comfortable, safe environment for your older two-year-old to grow and learn about the world around them is important!  Here at Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool, our trained teachers who are excited about this age group create classrooms that support your child’s emerging interests with hands-on play and discovery materials.  Children do not need to be fully potty trained to attend this program, but they should be well on the way to full potty independence. 

    Areas of development for the year include:

    • Cognitive – solving problems, developing interests, trying new things
    • Language – communicating wants and needs with peers and teachers, expressing feelings and ideas, listening to others, pre-reading and writing skills
    • Spiritual – talking to God, Jesus is our friend, God made each of us
    • Social/Emotional – developing friendships, forming attachments with trusted adults, forgiveness, helping others, school is a happy place
    • Aesthetic – music, art, and dramatic play
    • Physical – coordination both fine and large motor, outdoor exercise each day

    Class Offerings: