The 4-Year-Old Program

  • Children must turn Four by September 30, 2020

    Four-year-olds are ready for more challenging activities and opportunities to exercise their emerging literacy skills.  Our teachers know that children this age learn best when the activities are meaningful and intentional.  They plan for an environment that engages the whole child and is informed by the interests of the students. 

    Kindergarten readiness and emerging literacy development is supported through a wide variety of opportunities for listening, talking, writing, and sharing stories.  Authentic experiences and playing with numbers through counting, creating sets, identifying shapes provides beginning math skills.  Also, observing God’s world around them helps children learn to exercise their scientist eyes. 

    During the four-year old year, the goal is to provide opportunities for:

    • Making new friends
    • Observing and problem solving
    • Thinking and wondering
    • Supporting emerging literacy by reading a variety of stories
    • Inviting imagination and discovery
    • Continuing to appreciate and provide opportunity for the arts
    • Learning the stories of the Bible through Godly Play
    • Supporting math and science discovery through hands-on activities
    • Playing outside everyday
    • Helping others
    • Learning to be a part of a group

    Areas of development for the year include:

    • Cognitive – problem solving, observing, inventing, and imagining
    • Language – using both spoken and written words to communicate thoughts, ideas, and needs to others, asking and responding to questions, love of books and stories, reading and writing skills
    • Spiritual – talking to God, Jesus is our friend, God made each of us
    • Social/Emotional – developing friendships, forming attachments and seeking help from trusted adults, forgiveness, helping others, enjoying coming to school, community building
    • Aesthetic – process art activities daily, dramatic play areas in each classroom, music class, playing with instruments and listening to music
    • Physical – coordination both fine and large motor, outdoor play each day, writing, drawing and hand-eye coordination

    Class Offerings:

    Optional After-School Program:

    Children in our four-year-old program may choose to participate in our Lunch Bunch program, offered for an additional hour after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.   Please see our Stay and Play page for details.