The 3-Year-Old Program

  • What is available for 2 ¾ – 3 year olds?

    In general, a child must turn three before December 31st of that school year to participate in the 3-year-old program.   BPC Preschool is not licensed to change diapers, but the youngest children can start school in pull-up training pants.  Children must be potty-trained and in underwear within one month after turning three.  Our teachers are very experienced in the signs of “needing to go” and will help children get to the potty when needed.  

    All 3-year-old classes:

    • Have a lead teacher and an assistant teacher
    • Participate in science, chapel (twice a month), and music classes (twice a month)
    • Meet Thursday and Friday from 9:30am-12:30pm

    The 3-year-olds are grouped into classes by birthday as follows:

    • Younger: Ladybugs (11 children per class)
    • Older: Bees (11 children per class)

    “Extras” available for the 3-year-old Program:

    Lunch Bunch and Summer Camp:


    Curriculum Overview:

    The primary focus of the 3-year-old program is guidance in social behavior and language development. We encourage loosely structured interaction between children in free play (blocks, housekeeping, manipulative toys, etc.) and creative and sensory activities (painting, clay, crayons, water play, pasting and other art activities).  To develop cognitive skills, we use games, puzzles, finger plays, and music.  We also include large muscle indoor and outdoor activities, as well as movement with music.  Later in the year, we introduce experiences such as science, basic colors and shapes, and fine motor instruction through activities like cutting and constructive play. In addition, we introduce listening games, following simple directions, and creative play.


  • Tuition:

    • Ladybugs and Bees (2 days per week)
      $225 per month
  • Fees:

    • One-time registration fee
    • One-time activity fee